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Stainless Steel Collapsible Straw

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The perfect companion on the go, our collapsible straw can be easily slipped into your bag as the perfect replacement for single-use plastics, complete with a handy cleaning brush.

Small and Convenient

As the name suggests, our stainless steel straw benefits from a collapsible design, meaning it can fold into itself to create a compact form that fits easily into your bag. This allows you to keep this handy accessory in your bag or pocket wherever you go!

Great for kids

The straw's stainless steel design means that it is much more durable than paper straws or recyclable alternatives to plastic and is therefore suitable for children and adults alike. Reusable straws are perfect for sharing drinks with your kids on the go and stopping any unwanted spillages.


The plastic straws you get in your favourite drinks are often not recyclable or biodegradable so end up in landfills, contributing negatively to the environment.

Our stainless steel collapsible straw is an eco-friendly alternative to this, offering a permanent solution to a widespread plastic pollution problem.


Another positive to purchasing a good quality re-usable straw is that it saves you money; with proper care and usage, your straw can last for years.


Our collapsible straw comes with its own cleaning brush, to help you keep it in great condition and get to every inch so that you can keep using it with different drinks. No need to worry about unwanted smells or leftovers.

When can you use the Hippo Collapsible Straw?

- Enjoy your morning brew on the go with a reusable metal straw. This will save you time in the mornings, and you can pocket the money you would have spent on a takeaway drink for later.

- Spending a day at the beach or heading to the park for a picnic? This straw is small enough to fit in any bag and can serve as the perfect companion for your hot or cold drinks. It won't bend or break during your adventures.

-Turn down a plastic straw whilst eating out to avoid more plastic going to landfills. Lots of people doing this small task can make a huge difference.

What can you use the Hippo Collapsible Straw with?

You can use your Hippo Collapsible Straw at home, on the go and whilst eating out. Perfect for accompanying a refreshing cold drink or enjoying your hot beverage on the go, our reusable straw can be used with any cup, mug or bottle.

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