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Safari - 350ml insulated reusable travel mug

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Staying hydrated is important, especially when you’re on the go. Whether you’re camping out beneath the stars, having a busy day at work, or you’re off on a long road trip, the 350ml Safari travel mug is the ideal companion. 

Hot or cold for 6 hours

Regardless of the temperature where you are, this handy mug will keep your favourite drink hot or cold for up to 6 hours, so you’ll always have a comforting cup of tea or a refreshing cold drink to keep you going.

Colours to match your style

Available in a choice of three gorgeous colours, it looks fantastic too. Whether you prefer a cute pink, dramatic grey, or neutral white, there’s a Safari travel mug that’s right for you. 

Leak-proof design

The Safari travel mug includes a clever steam release system that keeps your tea or coffee at the ideal temperature so you can enjoy it whenever you want to. Added to that, the Safari mug is totally leak-proof – you can store it in your bag with all your other essentials and never have to worry about mess or damage.

Car friendly

If you’re in the car it fits perfectly into most cup holders and there’s no risk of spills whilst you’re driving. The same goes for when you’re travelling on a bumpy train or bus – never again will you need to worry about mess or losing any of your drink.

Dishwasher safe

We’ve also designed the Safari travel mug to be dishwasher-safe too. This gives you total convenience when it comes to cleaning it in between uses. The Safari will soon become your go-to mug for delicious drinks on the go.

Save money

One excellent benefit of choosing the Safari travel mug is the money you’ll save on drinks when you’re out and about. Gone are the days when you’ll need to buy bottled water or soft drinks or takeaway cups of coffee. 

You might not think about it, but spending money on drinks when you're out can really add up over time – the Safari travel mug is a great solution if you’re looking for ways to save money.

Save the planet

Using the Safari mug instead of single-use plastic bottles means less plastic going to landfill. Takeaway cups for hot drinks often have a plastic coating that means you can’t usually recycle them, so whether you prefer a nice cup of tea or a refreshing cold mug of water, using the Safari travel mug is a great way to do your bit for our planet and generate less waste.

Pair with our great accessories

Get even more out of your Safari mug when you choose from our fantastic range of accessories. 

If you’re a fan of soft drinks or iced coffees, why not go for one of our stainless steel collapsible straws alongside your travel mug? It takes up hardly any space and is completely portable, helping you to enjoy a cold drink in style whilst being kind to the environment.

The Safari travel mug is also perfect for enjoying your favourite hot or cold drink alongside a packed lunch or picnic. Use the mug at work or school alongside our reusable bamboo fibre lunchbox and wheat fibre cutlery set to make your lunch kind to the environment.

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