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Our silicone bottle brush has been designed to help keep your reusable bottles clean and hygienic.

The 100% BPA-free silicone long handle bottle brush is the ideal size for cleaning your first and second edition reusable Hippo bottles.

Many people presume that machine washable bottles can be thrown in a dishwasher or run under a hot tap and be called clean. Unfortunately, this is not the case and can lead to the harmful build-up of both bacteria and fungus.

Fitted with a specially-designed easy-grip handle, this brush is optimised for ease of use and efficiency.

The rounded node bristles are manufactured so the silicone material picks up dirt and germs easily without scratching or damaging the material finish. Read more below about our bottle brushes.

The perfect accessory for the Thermal Bottle Collection

Our thermal collection of reusable bottles is manufactured with vacuum insulation and a stainless steel inner finish.

The silicone bottle brush is perfect for cleaning any limescale residue from boiled water or those harder to clean stains from hot coffee.

Not only will these bottle brushes do the job quickly and effectively, but they will keep the protective metal finish inside safe and undamaged.

It’s crucial to ensure that the inner elements of thermal bottles and cups are kept in good condition so that you can enjoy your hot drink for longer.

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The ideal choice for our Clear Bottle Collection

Keeping the inside of your clear bottle clean is vital because this material is often vulnerable to germ build-up – both obvious and invisible.

You may have noticed from your clear reusable bottles in the past, that a green coloured residue can build up in spots around the inside of your clear bottle. This is harmful to your system if you ingest it and could threaten the future use of your bottle.

The fungal or bacterial build-up that is invisible to the naked eye is also dangerous. 

Our bottle brush is ideal for keeping the inside of your clear bottle clean and fresh where a dishwasher could never reach those hard-to-clean spots.

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BPA and toxin-free

BPA is an industrial chemical often associated with the manufacture of certain plastics and resins.

In bottles, it can leach from the material and into your drink, causing health implications.

Studies have found that BPA may be associated with some detrimental long-term health conditions.

That’s why all of our products come with a BPA-free guarantee, including our silicone bottle brush. We will never cut corners when it comes to your health and safety.

All of our materials are high-quality and built with you in mind.

How to use our bottle brush

Using one of our bottle brushes is simple.

First, you should fill a bowl with hot, soapy water. Ideally, you want to use food-safe soap (such as dish soap) and water that is no hotter than the liquids your bottle is used to storing.

Next, you should submerge your bottle and let it soak so that all of it is covered in soapy water. Use a non-abrasive cloth or dish sponge to clean it on the outside, especially around the rim, lid, and screw area.

Now, using your brush, swipe around the inside of the bottle. Make sure to cover all the sides systematically and pay special attention to the bottom rim.

Then, move upwards and clean around the top of the inside where the bottle curves. Do this several times, rinsing the bottle brush in-between.

Lastly, empty the soapy water and rinse the bottle at least twice with clean running water to remove any soap residue.

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