Why do personalised water bottles make great gifts?

Why do personalised water bottles make great gifts?

Purchasing a present for someone special isn’t always easy, and when you’ve known them for a long time, you may feel like you’ve exhausted every idea. You might not realise it, but it’s perfectly possible to personalise reusable water bottles with an engraved message of your own. While this might not be the first gift that springs to mind when an occasion rolls around to add a bespoke message to, a personalised water bottle can be perfect for many reasons.

Ideal for everyone

Your friend or family member doesn’t have to be green-minded to benefit from a reusable water bottle with their name on it. Everyone should stay hydrated when they’re out and about and having a reusable bottle filled with their favourite drink can save them money when they don’t need to buy expensive options from the shops to quench their thirst.

Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, water bottles can be engraved with a name or a phrase you share with your friends for a personal touch.

Perfect for all occasions

Whether they’re sitting at their desk, taking a long hike or just keeping fit, a water bottle can come in handy when your loved one wants to keep a drink close at hand. Whether you’re buying a bottle for a birthday, Mother’s Day, a special anniversary or just to wish someone good luck, you can personalise your message to suit any occasion.

A present that lasts

Easy to clean and care for, personalised reusable water bottles are presents that will last a lifetime. This means that every time your gift is used, your family member or friend can remember the bond you share for many years to come.

Always sustainable

If you’re committed to the environment as much as Hippo bottles and would like to personalise a 1st Edition Hippo Bottle as a gift for someone, check out our online shop. We’re offering free personalised engraving for the whole of March, meaning now is the perfect time to buy a personalised water bottle for someone you care about. Personalising your water bottle couldn’t be easier. Once you select the bottle style you like, simply choose your font, text alignment and type in your message for engraving and we’ll do the rest!

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