What to pack on a hike

What to pack on a hike

Whether you’re hiking in the Himalayas or around the coast of the UK, there are certain essentials that you will always need to remember. Here is a handy list of things to remember to pack on a hike!

Reusable water bottle

Hydration is possibly the most important thing to consider while trekking. You will lose a lot of water through sweat (whatever the weather), so it’s crucial to keep it topped up and drink more water than you would normally.

Using reusable bottles helps the natural landscapes that you are enjoying stay plastic-free and looking beautiful! It’s also better for your wallet, and much more convenient than needing to buy bottles all the time. Simply fill up from a clean water source and go!

Our Hippo bottles are sold in three sizes and are insulated to keep cold drinks cool, and hot drinks hot. So, even if you’re on a long and sweaty hike, you’ll still be able to enjoy delicious and refreshing cold water at the end!


Keeping your energy levels up while hiking is crucial. Take a range of snacks that include proteins and complex carbohydrates – carrots and hummus, cheese sandwiches, and banana and nut butters all work well. You can store them all in our sustainable bamboo fibre lunchbox!


If you have exposed skin while hiking, especially around your shoulders, it’s important to put on suncream whatever the weather. While you are hiking you are outdoors, sometimes in conditions with no shade, for a long time. Ensuring that you are wearing suncream will stop any burns and reduce the chance of sun-related illness, which can be serious.

A sunhat

Equally, if it is sunny, wear a sunhat. This protects your head and face from harmful UV rays.

A phone with signal

If you are hiking in a remote location this might not be possible – but always try to have a way to contact the outside world, in case of emergency. If you are planning on doing a lot of hiking, try to choose a phone plan with the best signal possible!

All of these items will keep you safe and happy while hiking. Shop now and explore our range of sustainable drinkware and accessories to find the perfect hiking companion for you today!

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