Surprising reasons to choose a steel water bottle

Surprising reasons to choose a steel water bottle

Single-use plastic has become a major issue worldwide, with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation predicting that by 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish.

The issue is being exacerbated by the global increase in plastic bottle usage with a million being bought every minute. By choosing to switch to a reusable bottle you can help to cut down on single-use plastic and help protect the environment.

However, not all bottles are created equal and there are many benefits to choosing an insulated stainless steel bottle over the alternatives.

Dangerous Bacteria and Chemicals in Plastic

It might seem like a cheaper option to simply refill a single-use plastic bottle that you have already bought but single-use plastic can be dangerous to use for longer periods of time.

Plastic is a porous material meaning bacteria can easily grow in the tiny holes and it is harder to ensure that they are completely clean. One study by the University of Texas Health Center tested water bottles that were reused for a week and found that every bottle contained bacteria that could give people symptoms that mimic food poisoning.

A bottle made out of steel or glass is easily sanitised and will not contain BPA, a harmful chemical used when making some plastics which can leach into your drinks, making it stainless steel and glass a much safer option.

Great for Coffee Too!

Insulated steel bottles like the 1st edition bottle are also a great way to make your takeaway coffee eco friendly.

Did you know that most disposable coffee cups cannot be recycled? Due to the plastic coating, they can’t be broken down into pulp like normal paper and so will typically end up in landfill.

An insulated bottle also not only helps cut down on plastic bottles but can also replace takeaway cups. For example, using an insulated bottle not only keeps your drink warm for longer (up to 12 hours) but can also save you money with a lot of coffee shops are now offering discounts for customers who bring their own bottle.

Hippo Bottles are multifunctional and a stylish way to help save the planet. Check out the range of sizes and colours as well as accessories for eco-living in our shop.

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