Is stainless steel safe for coffee, your health and the planet?

Is stainless steel safe for coffee, your health and the planet?

According to National Geographic cartographers, we now have five oceans to look after, as you may have recently seen in the news. This makes the question of how to protect our planet from the destructive stream of plastic pollution ending up in it is more relevant than ever. So how does the way you drink your coffee affect the safety and well-being of the planet as well as your own health and safety?

A new ocean to look after

National Geographic cartographers have recently reclassified a body of water around Antarctica as a new ocean – the Southern Ocean. This means we essentially have another ocean to protect from plastic pollution. Items made out of single-use plastic take years to disintegrate and break down into micro-plastics, which cause immense harm to wildlife and often end up in our oceans. So drinking your coffee out of a stainless steel reusable coffee cup or bottle instead of a single-use cup lined with plastic can make a huge difference.

Production emissions

As well as the way items are disposed of, the production of these items should be considered too. Because stainless steel mugs and bottles are reusable, a much smaller quantity of them is needed, so they require much less energy to produce than their plastic single-use counterparts. Stainless steel is mainly made from scrap metal, so harmful chemicals are not needed during the production process, and it is also 100% recyclable.

Is drinking coffee out of stainless steel safe for your health?

There’s definitely a strong case to be made for drinking coffee out of a stainless steel reusable coffee cup being safer for the planet. But what about your own health?

Hygienic and antibacterial

It is challenging for bacteria to build up on stainless steel due to it being resistant to rust and stains. It is also straightforward to clean, so the stainless steel material gets a big thumbs up regarding cleanliness. The fact that it is used widely for medical purposes and in the food and drink industry highlights its excellent reputation as an antibacterial, hygienic material.

No chemical reactions

Stainless steel is a stable and inert material and does not play a part in any chemical reaction. So when hot coffee (or any other hot or cold drink) is put in a stainless steel container, the material will not break down and add anything to your coffee.

No harmful substances

Stainless steel does not contain harmful substances that can negatively impact your health, such as BPA, zinc, lead or phthalates, and does not require any coatings.

So yes, drinking coffee out of a stainless steel mug or bottle is safe for your health.


Probably the most significant health and safety concern with coffee is spilling hot coffee on ourselves or someone else, so to avoid that, you want a robust material to contain it. Stainless steel is a tough superhero of materials, being shatterproof and virtually indestructible. So if you use a stainless steel reusable coffee cup or bottle, no matter how clumsy you are, as long as you remember to do the lid up, you should avoid spills.

Hot stuff

The insulated double-walled First Edition Hippo Bottle keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours (and cold for up to 24 hours if chilled drinks are more your thing). If you tend to burn your lips on hot drinks, just let your drink cool for a bit in a mug before putting it in the bottle. The new Hippo Bottles stainless steel Safari Travel Mug keeps drinks hot for 6 hours and creates the ideal temperature for your drink with the help of a steam release system.

These features make it ideal for long journeys where you might be on the road for a prolonged period, you’re off adventuring on a full day out hiking, or even just commuting.

Making your life easier

As well as being beneficial for the health of the planet and having no adverse effects on your own health, there are various other benefits of using a stainless steel reusable coffee cup or bottle – they are easy to clean, save you money on drinks when you’re out and about and mean you can always get your coffee fix.

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