How to Stay Refreshed on a Ramble

How to Stay Refreshed on a Ramble

Taking a cross-country hike is an ideal way to spend socially distanced time with friends while keeping fit and sucking in some fresh air. From the flora to the fauna, enjoying the natural wonders that are waiting can refresh the mind and spirit, but remember that every adventure requires rehydration if you want to make the most of your time out and about.

The importance of water while walking

While we should always stay hydrated, it’s even more important when out walking. Drinking fresh water will help your heart pump properly and stop muscles cramping and your body from overheating. All this adds up to not only better health, but a more enjoyable expedition!

While it might be tempting to pour water over your head when you get hot on a walk, the only way to truly cool down is from the inside out. Make sure to take a refreshing drink with you, and remember you can always add some fruity flavour to give it a little twist.

Drinking water wherever you go

While experts advise you have a long drink before you depart, they also remind walkers to always carry a bottle of water with them to top up. Never wait until you get thirsty to take a drink of water when you’re on the move, as your body will already be experiencing dehydration by then, so keep sipping slowly as you go.

Dedicated drinking bottles

At Hippo Bottles, we’re committed to helping you protect the Earth while you’re taking a walk on it. Since 2019, we’ve been producing personalised reusable drinkware that reduces the consumption of single-use plastics. For shorter trips, our Forest or Savannah bottles should suffice. For longer journeys, we recommend the Desert bottle, our largest variety capable of holding up to 630ml of liquid.

Get ready to ramble

So, when lockdown lifts, ensure you’re equipped with a First or Second Edition Hippo Bottle before you head off-road on your ramble to ensure you stay refreshed. From bottle bags for carrying to brushes for cleaning, explore our full range of accessories here in our online shop.

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