How to Hydrate whilst Keeping Safe

How to Hydrate whilst Keeping Safe

In this new world of endless rules and regulations, it’s hard to remember to take on fluids as we go about our day-to-day tasks. But with the cold weather upon us, and the usual winter bugs adding to our woes, keeping hydrated might just be the boost your body needs.

Feeling hot hot hot!

As we crank up the heating in our homes, offices and public transport, it is surprisingly easy to become dehydrated. This means our bodies feel more tired, with headaches, aches and pains more common. This winter, more than ever, we need to keep our immune systems strong. Keeping your trusty Hippo 1st Edition with you means you can hydrate on the move.

No unnecessary risk

Carrying your Hippo with you means less time waiting in busy takeaway or supermarket queues and saves worry about other people handling your cup or bottle. Stop picking over hastily rinsed mugs in the office kitchen and bring your own cup to work. With three styles, a choice of vibrant colours and even personalisation, there’ll be no confusing which Hippo is yours!

Take it outside

As we move our interactions outdoors, it is time to stop the dreaded ‘walk downstairs with a cup of coffee, laptop and notebook whilst also trying to open the fire escape. No more arriving late to a meeting with coffee stains down your front. Your Hippo Pygmy cup is watertight and keeps your hot drinks hot for 12 hours, so you can be the smug one with your pre-made beverage and your easy to transport cup.

Not only does a Hippo bottle cut down on single-use plastics, but your immune system will get a boost as you keep hydrated on the go, and you will even be ready for an unexpected gathering in the car park with a hot drink safely stowed in your bag. We offer a variety of accessories to customise your bottle as you see fit, such as a sports lid, carabiner and a bottle carry bag. These can help to ease your daily juggle even more.

Browse our full range of products to find the perfect hydration companion for you today.

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