How to clean your Hippo Water Bottle

How to clean your Hippo Water Bottle

So you’ve decided to ditch the wasteful plastic water bottles and embark on the start of what you hope to be a beautiful friendship with your Hippo reusable eco-friendly water bottle?

Your conscience may be clear, but if you don’t look after your bottle and regularly clean it, the water sure won’t be!

And in our current day and age, where we are battling not just climate change, but a global pandemic, our focus on remaining as hygienic and healthy as possible is an important one.

Fortunately, all of our reusable water bottles are a doddle to clean, so you won’t waste any precious minutes of your day.

Tips and tricks

It is recommended to clean your water bottle after every use – especially if you have been using it to store and sip picnic prosecco under the sun or to keep your hot chocolate warm – as our bottles are excellent at keeping cold drinks chilly for up to 24 hours and hot ones for 12.

Our first edition stainless steel water bottle is, thankfully, easy peasy to clean, making its money-saving benefits even better.

Simply soap up warm water – get those suds going – and wash by hand, using a bottle brush or a normal scrub you use for the dishes. Then leave on the drying rack to dry upside-down so it air drys properly.

Dishwashers are an effective tool in our modern-day and age, but we recommend hand washing to preserve the bottle’s materials.

Repeat the above step for the Hippo glass water bottle, too. All of which come in three different sizes and a lightweight feel – perfect to quickly clean, let dry and have back in your bag for your future adventures in no time.

And, of course, don’t forget about giving the reusable metal straw a once over after each use too, if you also purchased one of those.

Now you can go forth equipped with the knowledge of how to keep your trusty Hippo bottle as clean as a whistle, browse our full product range here today!

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