How insulated bottles can be useful for more than just water

How insulated bottles can be useful for more than just water

Whether you’re braving the early morning commute, heading for an adventure in the hills or pushing yourself to the max at your sport of choice, your water bottle should be close at hand.

Whatever your drink of choice when you’re on the go, Hippo Bottles will keep you hydrated.

Great for more than just water

Unlike a standard plastic water bottle, an insulated water bottle can be used for much more than just water. While it can keep cold drinks cool for twenty-four hours, it can also help hot drinks keep their heat for twelve hours.

This means our Hippo First Edition bottles are incredibly versatile. Whether you want a cooling drink on a hot day, or want something to warm you up when you’re out during the colder months, Hippo bottles are right on hand.

Insulated water bottles save you money

If you’re regularly buying bottles of water, or coffee on the go, then the costs can soon mount up. If you purchase a stylish, hard-wearing Hippo Bottle then you’ll soon recoup your initial investment.

Keep refilling your bottle, for either cold or hot drinks and you’ll always be prepared, whatever you’re doing.

An insulated water bottle is better for the planet

The planet is drowning in single-use plastic. With so little plastic being recycled globally, most of it will end up in landfill.

All too often this plastic escapes into the environment. The world’s major rivers carry millions of tons of plastic into the oceans every year.

Plastic water bottles and coffee cups make up a major part of this waste.

Hippo Bottles are the perfect alternative

A Hippo double-insulated stainless steel bottle can help you dramatically reduce your use of single-use plastic. They’re hard-wearing, look great and are incredibly versatile. Our first edition bottles are available in three sizes, and are perfect for whatever you’re doing.

Take a look at the Hippo range

We make it easy to reduce your use of single-use plastic and save you money.

Why not take a look at the great range of bottles and accessories we have available at our shop and get inspired.

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