Four Advantages of a Reusable Drinking Straw

Four Advantages of a Reusable Drinking Straw

If you’ve invested in an eco-friendly water bottle, you’re probably already enjoying many benefits. From saving yourself the expense of buying drinks when you’re walking to work, to feeling secure that what passes your lips was prepared by you and perfectly safe – there are plenty of plusses.

Knowing you’re doing your part to reduce the amount of plastic on the planet may also be important, but as soon as you pop a plastic straw in your drink you’ve undone your good work.

Worry not, help is on hand with sustainable straws that can be reused time and time again. Join us now as we explore four major benefits of using one of these considerately crafted straws.

Safety first

Plastic straws can contain chemicals which don’t make them ideal for drinking from. Reusable straws use natural materials that have no harmful impact whatsoever when you sip.

A sustainable solution

Eco-friendly, reusable straws employ sustainably sourced materials for their manufacturing. Glass, bamboo, and steel are all readily available alternatives to the common plastic drinking straw and their production is far better for the environment. Using a single straw multiple times means that not so many need to be made, allowing natural resources to recuperate and replenish.

An easy option

Supremely simple to clean, reusable straws are robust enough to stand the test of time. They can also be incredibly easy to carry around with you wherever you need them and come available in a set or using cutting-edge innovations that allow them to collapse.

Designed to last

Far more hardwearing than traditional paper and plastic straws, a reusable straw doesn’t need to be disposed of after use. Strong stainless-steel straws hold up under pressure and show no signs of damage and wear over time, so they always keep their impressive appearance.

If you’re buying one of our 1st edition insulated bottles for cold drinks on the go why not consider adding a reusable straw to your order? To explore our full range of reusable drinking accessories at Hippo Bottles, visit our shop today.

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