Five reasons why stainless steel bottles are great for summer

Five reasons why stainless steel bottles are great for summer

After months of rainy days and chilly weather, summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and soak up that much-needed sun. In the UK, picnics and hikes are popular choices for summer activities that make the most of the beautiful countryside and blue skies.

Getting outdoors is a great way to spend the summer months. Unfortunately, this surge in outdoor activity can leave a large trail of rubbish, left by picnic goers and hikers alike. The impact that our lazy habits have on the environment have become prominent in the last few years and it is clearly time that we find ways of enjoying outdoor activities without harming the landscape around us.

One easy change that can be made this summer is to swap plastic water bottles for reusable, stainless steel ones. Making this swap will lead to less rubbish being left around green spaces and will also save money that would otherwise be spent buying new water bottles for every outdoor adventure. Stainless steel water bottles are a fantastic option for everyone. Here are five reasons why stainless steel bottles are great for summer.

1. Reduce single-use plastics

Single-use plastic plays a massive role in global warming. The material cannot be reused so is thrown away after just one use. After it is thrown, single-use plastics take years to disintegrate and break down into micro-plastics which are incredibly harmful to wildlife. In the UK, more than 5 million tonnes of plastic is consumed each year, with only 25% of it actually being recycled. The rest ends up polluting our oceans and ecosystems.

By investing in a stainless steel water bottle this summer, you could be part of the solution to stop this harmful material from being released into the environment. Stainless steel bottles are easy to clean and can be reused hundreds of times. Stainless steel is also one hundred per cent recyclable, which means that it won’t contribute to landfill.

2. Refreshing water

Hiking in the sun is heavenly, but it can lead to food and water becoming warm and unpleasant to consume. First edition Hippo Bottles can keep your water cold for twenty-four hours, which means that you can have crisp, fresh water ready to drink all day long.

Refreshing water will make those long hikes much easier and will ensure that you stay hydrated in the hot sun. Single-use plastic bottles can be easily penetrated by the sun, so they are not as effective at keeping your water fresh on a hot day.

3. Bacteria free

As well as being durable and easy to clean, stainless steel bottles are also the safest form of water bottle for the summer. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and stains, which makes it difficult for bacteria to build up inside of them.

The bottles are also very easy to clean which means that left-over beverages will not linger in the bottle. This means that the water inside will always taste clean, crisp and fresh.

4. Lower energy usage

An estimated 4-6% of oil and gas usage in Europe is allocated just to the production of plastics. The energy required to keep up with the demand for the products is huge and has a detrimental impact on our environment

Stainless steel water bottles require far less energy to make, as they can be reused so they can be produced in much lower quantities. Stainless steel is also primarily made from scrap metal which means that harmful chemicals are not needed for its production. This makes stainless steel bottles a more energy-efficient alternative than single-use plastic bottles for your summer drinks.

5. Save money

By taking a stainless steel bottle with you on your summer adventures, you can cut back on the amount of money that you spend buying drinks when you’re out. Over just one summer, the costs of buying plastic water bottles can add up to a large amount of money. Stainless steel bottles are easy to fit into your bag and are a great way to make sure that you always have a drink to hand.

Hippo Bottles come in a range of sizes, starting at 340ml, meaning that they are easy to take with you in even the smallest of bags. You can browse our full range of fantastic stainless steel water bottles and accessories today so that you can be ready for those summer outings!

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