Bamboo straws: The eco-friendly option

Bamboo straws: The eco-friendly option

We all know we need to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics, and the evils of plastic drinking straws are now widely known (yet another reason to love David Attenborough!). But there are so many reusable straws on the market, and it can be hard to know where to get started. Check out this useful guide to reusable bamboo straws to help you discover more.

Why use reusable straws?

Every time you use a single-use item, even those that aren’t made of plastic, you’ll be creating some kind of waste. All single-use items, including biodegradable ones, should be avoided as much as possible because you’re relying on the constant production of new products.

If you use a plastic straw each time you have a drink at a bar or a pub, you’ll be contributing to landfill waste and carbon emissions. Plastic straws take about 200 years to decompose, so swapping to a reusable straw is an easy way to cut down on your production of landfill waste.

The benefits of bamboo

Bamboo makes a great choice for a reusable straw for so many reasons.

1. Bamboo is biodegradable

Bamboo is a plant, meaning it decomposes quickly. When the time comes to bin your straw, you can rest assured that you won’t be leaving anything nasty behind.

2. Bamboo grows quickly

The bamboo plant can reach its full size just three or four months after it’s planted. This means it doesn’t come with the many problems associated with deforestation.

3. Bamboo straws are all-natural

No chemicals or dyes are used to make bamboo straws, so they won’t be seeping anything harmful into your body as you drink, and there’s no unpleasant aftertaste.

4. They’re easy to clean

Cleaning a bamboo straw couldn’t be easier. Throw it in the dishwasher if you have one, or just wash it using warm soapy water with the rest of your washing up.

5. They look gorgeous

There’s something quite striking about bamboo straws. They give a beautiful rustic appearance to your drink – perfect for mason jar cocktails!

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