Are stainless steel mugs good for coffee?

Are stainless steel mugs good for coffee?

In 2022, the nation is looking towards more sustainable and eco-friendly ways to live. One of these ways comes into how we drink our coffee on the go.

Reusable mugs, cups, and bottles are all the rage and industry experts predict that this trend will only grow in the new year. But it’s vital to ensure that you’ve got yourself the best reusable mug for you.

This article will cover the benefits and considerations of using a stainless steel mug and how this compares to single-use plastic.

Benefits of using a stainless steel mug to store coffee

It'll keep your coffee hot for up to 6 hours

Because of the insulation properties of metal, a reusable coffee mug made from stainless steel will be able to keep your drink piping hot for hours at a time. Our Safari mug is able to keep liquids hot or cold for up to 6 hours.

It’s reusable and 100% recyclable

Every component of a stainless steel mug can be separated and recycled for future use. This makes it one of the few materials that can be entirely salvaged during the recycling process, giving it a far longer recycle lifespan than any other material on the market.

Unlike the recycled cup options available at coffee merchants which typically end up in landfills in their thousands, stainless steel mugs are the ideal solution to reducing your waste and carbon footprint.

They’re tough and durable

It’s no surprise that stainless steel is one of the most durable materials out there. Paper and plastic are both infamously short-living, unable to last long against the bumps, knocks, and wear that a reusable mug should expect to go through. Even ceramic cannot hold up against stainless steel in this respect.

Comparing stainless steel mugs to plastic and single-use cups

In the UK, we are guilty of using 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year. This is equivalent to over 37 cups per person in the nation.

Single-use cups are one of the leading contributions to landfills worldwide and represent a widespread problem with catastrophic consequences.

Not only do single-use cups and plastic harbour dangers for wildlife but they also pose pollution issues for human health. Their production and manufacture are accompanied by vast emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

On the other hand, reusable coffee mugs represent the key to reducing this impact and keeping our planet safe.

The things you should consider when buying a stainless steel mug

How the taste could affect your coffee

Some people have suggested that stainless steel can cause a hint of a metallic taste to coffee in the first few uses. This is because stainless steel absorbs liquid particles and creates a lingering taste that might transfer to other liquids. However, using a higher quality steel product should rectify this issue.

Whether the mug is BPA free, manufacturer guaranteed

BPA is a toxin leached by some water bottles. This is an industrial chemical used to make certain plastics and resins, which can potentially cause detrimental health effects in adults and children alike.

All of our drinkware is free of BPA and toxins, so you can rest assured that any liquids you store in them are free of any nasty chemicals.

How energy-intensive the manufacturing process is for that mug

The manufacture of stainless steel can be unsustainably practised where fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses are released at a high rate and pose dangers to ecosystems and homes in local areas. Research your retailers’ manufacturing process to ensure their production is sustainable.

Hippo Bottles is a reusable water bottle company selling insulated stainless steel bottles and cups, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and accessories.

Since we began in 2019, our aim has been to bring high-quality, personalised reusable drinkware to the local community. With high-quality products and 100% recyclable packaging, we hope to reduce our nation’s reliance on single-use and disposable plastic.

Now available in a thermal collection with insulated double-walled stainless steel bottles, it has never been more attractive to go eco-friendly.

For more information about our stainless steel reusable coffee mugs, get in touch with Hippo Bottles today or browse our online collection to find yours today.

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