6 Tips for Exercising at Home

6 Tips for Exercising at Home

Doing regular fitness activities at home is now a popular way to keep adults ‘on their toes’ and fill some time for restless youngsters!

It’s also much needed by anyone frustrated by limited access to gyms and cold winter weather that makes outdoor pursuits less appealing.

However, even exercising in the comfort of your own home has its own perils and peculiarities. Here are six tips to get fit at home safely and comfortably.

Make space

Give yourself and the rest of your household enough room to exercise with gusto without crashing into furniture or electrical equipment! Also, choose a surface that has good grip.

Many accidents in homes are trips, slips or falls. Avoid adding to those statistics with over-enthusiastic exercising that results in an injury.

Warm up

It’s surprising how many people forget this home exercise step. Before you run your favourite YouTube video or start using home gym equipment, always stretch and warm your muscles up. Use a cool-down routine too.

Develop a varied programme

Clearly, you need to stick to home exercises that are suitable for your abilities and take into account any health issues. However, it’s also a good idea to push your limits and introduce a varied programme.

The sort of things to include (apart from the warm-up and cool-down) are cardiovascular (aerobic) activities that make you a little breathless, resistance or strength-building tasks and things that make you more flexible, such as yoga exercises.

Stay hydrated

People off to the gym reach for eco-friendly water bottles without a second thought. For fitness fun at home, keep a reusable water bottle handy and topped up so you don’t forget to sip water regularly.

Set goals

Forget ‘New Year, New You’. We can vow to get healthier, fitter and slimmer any day of the week! Setting achievable goals to motivate you can be good for your mental health too.

You could even set rewards for each milestone, such as buying new fitness clothing or a smart insulated water bottle to celebrate getting your weight down or your fitness up.

Make it fun!

This is particularly vital when using home ‘PE’ to wear out and entertain your kids! Fortunately, there are lots of online options for home fitness, and you could also invest in low-cost accessories such as resistance bands.

Keeping track using devices can also add interest and inspiration.

See, you don’t need a gym. Just a good plan, and the determination to stick to it!

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