4 Sustainable Swaps You Can Make Today

4 Sustainable Swaps You Can Make Today

We all know about the importance of looking after our planet. Plastic pollution is a real problem, with huge patches of rubbish in the ocean and waste grounds packed with rubbish on land. The only real solution is to cut down on our plastic use. The good news is there are lots of simple swaps we can make to reduce our plastic consumption. These items are an investment, but they will end up saving you money in the long term!

Hippo Bottle

Swap buying drinks in plastic bottles for our Hippo Bottle. The Hippo bottle is made from stainless steel and is insulated, so it will keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm for longer! It is durable, strong and built to withstand anything, including your next hiking adventure. Alternatively, it’s a great bottle to put in your bag for a busy day at work.

Bamboo Straw Set

Straws are one of the biggest problems for our oceans at the moment. We’ve all seen those horrific videos of straws getting stuck in turtles’ throats – the only real answer is to stop using them altogether! Our bamboo straw set can help with this – you simply take it with you so that when you order a drink, you can use one of your own straws instead! We also have a stainless steel collection and a collapsible straw. They are all easy to clean, but make sure you clean them with the wire cleaner as soon as possible after use.

Wheat Fibre Cutlery Set

Our Wheat Fibre Cutlery Set is a great sustainable alternative to single-use knives and forks. If you love getting takeaways, make sure that you keep a set like this in your bag so you never have to ask for throwaway cutlery again. Our set is made from sustainable wheat fibre, which is an inexpensive and low emission material.

Bamboo Fibre Lunch Box

Our Bamboo Fibre Lunch Box is a brilliant tool to help you be more sustainable and save money. You can take food from home with you to avoid buying it out (and essentially using needless packaging). Or, you can ask your local takeaway if they will put your food in the box instead of a single-use plastic box or bag. It’s a win-win!

We hope this list of simple swaps has inspired you to do your bit for the environment! Why not browse our full selection of sustainable products and accessories today?

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