4 reasons why personalised water bottles for kids are a great idea

4 reasons why personalised water bottles for kids are a great idea

Being a kid can be thirsty work! But, like many adults, it can sometimes be a challenge to get them to remember to drink enough water throughout the day.

One great solution to keep them hydrated is personalised reusable water bottles. Here are a few reasons why personalised water bottles for kids are a great idea:

1. It’s less likely to be lost

Personalise a reusable water bottle for your child and it becomes more than just a simple water bottle. Something designed just for them will become a treasured possession, and more likely to be cared for! If you’re worried about bottles being lost or left behind, give them something distinctive and personal to them that they’ll love.

2. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to single-use bottles

If you’re sending your child to school with a single-use plastic water bottle each day, how many are you getting through per year? A reusable, eco-friendly water bottle can help to reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfill, meaning you’ll be doing your bit for the planet.

3. It could encourage your child to drink more

Do you worry about the amount that your child drinks throughout the day? At home it’s easy to monitor, but what about when they’re at school or out and about?

A personalised water bottle will help encourage them to use it more often than a single-use plastic bottle, due to the personalised design and the bottle being able to keep their water chilled and refreshing all day. Furthermore, the fact that the bottle is personalised could even make them the envy of their friends, so they’ll be more inclined to use it for the purpose of showing off!

4. It keeps hygiene top of mind

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all worried about hygiene and keeping our families as safe as possible. With a personalised water bottle, it’s easy for your child to see which bottle is theirs. This avoids the risk of them mixing their bottle up with those belonging to other kids, reducing the contamination risk.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, personalised water bottle for your kids, why not browse our store? All bottle personalisation is free until the end of March, making now the ideal time to find the perfect bottle for your child!

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