3 Reasons Hippo Bottles are so Versatile

3 Reasons Hippo Bottles are so Versatile

At Hippo, we like to think we’ve created a wonderful bottle – it’s an eco-friendly, simple design that reduces the need to buy single-use plastic bottles.

Whilst we’re very proud of the eco-credentials, what you might have overlooked is the versatility of the design. Here are a few points you may have overlooked on hippo bottles.

They’re perfect for smoothies!

The wide opening on the first and second edition Hippo bottles is perfect for drinks such as smoothies. You can’t drink a smoothie through a standard sports bottle because the opening is too small. With the wider opening at the top of the Hippo bottles, you can easily drink a smoothie through them – even the homemade ones where the fruit may not have been pureed fully.

It keeps your drinks warm or cold!

When you think of a water bottle, you’d be forgiven for thinking purely about cold drinks. With the Hippo bottles however you can keep hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours. If you’re on a hike or you’ll be spending a day outside, it’s the perfect vessel for your coffee or tea.

The larger bottle sizes can contain a couple of drinks worth easily, so you don’t have to waste time making multiple trips to a coffee shop, using multiple disposable cups.

What about lunch?!

A classic winter favourite is a homemade soup. Previously, if you wanted to bring homemade soup with you somewhere, you would have had to take a flask (which is big and cumbersome), or a plastic container which has a very high chance of leaking.

With our larger bottles, you can take a substantial portion of delicious and healthy homemade soup with you and not have to worry about a loss of heat or spilling a drop. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more compact solution, our Pygmy cups are the perfect choice for your soup-storing needs whilst saving you a lot of space.

As with an earlier point, the wide opening allows you to pour even a chunky soup into a bowl quite easily. If needs be, you could even drink it straight from the bottle!

Take a look around at our extensive range of reusable water bottles. We have some fantastic products that are both practical and planet-friendly!

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